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Dear Sirs
We are a company operating in the field of electromagnets are designed for different applications in industry and, particularly, in the following areas:

Since 1991    ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company
Registration No. 35760                

Hydraulics - Hydraulics
and all those fields where the ever increasing demands require the use of high quality articles. Please note that our technical department and the machines available (multi-spindle, single spindle, CNC lathes up to diameter 65, internal adjustments - outdoors in process control with CNC, grinding centerless, tangential, lapping, etc..) Is to satisfy the most demanding requirements.
One your interest in our kind of production will certainly by our full cooperation.
At your disposal for any further clarification, we welcome this opportunity to extend our best regards.


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Address - Operating Office

Provincial Road 181 N°1/3/5
26839 - Zelo Buon Persico (LO)

Phone & Fax

+39 02 90659880


Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 2312339

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 2312350

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 2312370

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 2318335

Electromagnet D.C. double-stroke 2338332

Electromagnet D.C. double-stroke 2338337

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 231434501

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke two windings 2318344

Electromagnet D.C. one-stroke 2318346

Electromagnet D.C. double-stroke 233833201

Electromagnet D.C. double-stroke 233833902

Electromagnet D.C. waterproof 23833500


Electromagnet one-stroke 1118141

Electromagnet one-stroke 2111145

Electromagnet one-stroke 2112370

Electromagnet one-stroke 2115114

Electromagnet one-stroke 2121222

Electromagnet one-stroke 2122140

Electromagnet one-stroke 2124145

Electromagnet one-stroke 2125125

Electromagnet one-stroke 2127119

Electromagnet one-stroke 1115119

Electromagnet one-stroke 1115226

Electromagnet one-stroke 1115227

Electromagnet one-stroke 2111160

Electromagnet one-stroke 211213202

Electromagnet one-stroke 211511904


Electromagnet D.C. holding 2411174

Electromagnet D.C. holding 2411248

Electromagnet D.C. holding without residual magnetism 2413369

Electromagnet D.C. holding 2414130

D.C. Brake 2415117

D.C. Brake 2415217

Electromagnetic Single-plate clutch or Brake 2424317

Electromagnet D.C. holding 241511701

Electromagnet D.C. holding 241521700

All the products in the catalog can be modified and / or adapted according to your needs.
Registered office - Via Mazzi, 32 - 24018 Villa d'Almè (BG)
Share capital € 51,000.00 i.v. - P.I. and C.F. : 02107400166 - No. Registration with the Bergamo Companies Reg. 02107400166 - REA no. 263164
Company controlled by Gervasoni SpA - registered in the Bergamo Business Register No. 01962850168